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I tried to use one of my redeem code for a Fulguris-Ex, but it says to me :


"This code is currently not valid!"


Of course, the code wasn't used and is well writen.


Message for a bad code : "This coupon code is invalid"

Message for an used code : "This coupon code has already been redeemed."


It shows that is not a basic error like that, so.


Is Fulguris-Ex not available? Is the code bugged?


Thank you for all,


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Hi Omicron2,


That sounds frustrating. My recommendation is to send in a ticket to the Support Team with the code listed on the card included and as much information to the issue you are experiencing as possible. The team has the tools to investigate this issue the fastest.


To send in a ticket, navigate to the Customer Support portal at the bottom of the website windows click either the Request Support or Home tabs. From either of them, click the 'Ask a Question' link to begin creating your ticket.


I hope this was useful!



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