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This game has many issues and many come up within hours of new patches coming up. Such as last weeks patch of Plasma Blast and many cards being noted as broken.


The problem is that these sorts of bugs are easy to fix. There should not be a 2 week gap between updates where small issues like these would get fixed (and if not, would have to wait another 2 weeks to use our cards).


Can you please have a more regularly timed schedule like most other games? Most games tend to do weekly updates, especially when it comes to fixing small bugs, which this game has a lot of. Even more serious small issues would get small updates which normally don't take much time at all.


Honestly, I never made such a suggestion in my life in regards to a game I've ever been a part of a beta of. This seems pretty basic and something that should be a higher priority than I feel that The Pokemon Company ISNT being given to this game. The Pokemon Company, please give the PTCGO more effort, more funding, more whatever it needs to get going at a smoother pace.

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