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I was finally able to trade for the dragonites i needed for this deck and it is glorious. My decklist is still a bit wonky but it usually is able to squeeze out a win as long as it doesn't have a terrible start. I think its win ration is at least 80% against those i would normally lose. Anyway i really need some help tweaking.


Pokemon:14 (8 Basics)

3-1-3 Dragonite (PF)

2-2 Garbodor (Garbotoxin)

2x Tropius

1x Genesect

I would really like to run 4-1-4 Dragonite and 3-3 Garbodor, but Dragonite i fear that dragonite will not be able to take on every other deck on its own. Tropius is my secondary attacker and Genesect is just in there for call for family, while i barley use it, it still can help me get Dratini/Trubbish turn 1 if it does start as my only pokemon.


Supporters: 12

4x Prof Juniper

3x N

3x Skyla

1x Colress

1x Ghetsis

I really need those 3 skyla for a better chance at turn 2 Dragonite. I am on the fence with Colress and Ghetsis. Theoretically Ghetsis should be amazing with Dragonite after a few turns of Deafen. But it never nets me more than 2-3 cards and since they cant use items anyway, it doesn't hurt my opponent much. Though i cant deny how good turn 1 Ghetsis is.


Trainers: 22

3x Ultra Ball

3x Catcher

3x Rare Candy

3x Hypnotoxic Laser

2x Virbank City Gym

2x Exp Share

2x Float Stone

1x Switch

1x Tool Scrapper

1x Super Rod

1x Rock Guard (Ace)

I found 3 Ultra Balls seem to be the right amount for this deck to work decently. I have yet to get left over with any late game or really feel the need for another one. 3 Rare Candy since i only run 3 Dragonite, though its hurts to Juniper those away if i need to. Virbank is there because i really fear Frozen City. I run it in one of my decks and i see how much it can hurt any non plasma decks. I also have no fear of hypnotoxic as long as i can deafen every turn with Dragonite, and that is the plan. The other stadiums just don't help me enough (aside from tropical beach, that i dont have...) Hypnotoxics work with Virbank and help make up for Dragonites low base attack as well as possibly sleep shenanigans. Float Stones are purely for Garbodor, activates its ability as well as allows free retreat if it somehow gets catchered out. Exp Share acts as back up tools for Garbodor, but more importantly help power up Dragonite as one goes down to keep the item lock. 1 Switch/Super Rod/Tool Scrapper, are just in case items. Finally Rock Guard might be the best Ace Spec for this deck for a few reasons. It cant be tool scrapped or catchered around thanks to deafen, and it helps makes up for Dragonites low attack power with Deafen, and it requires opponents to really think before they attack.


Energy: 11


2 Electric

6 Grass

I really want to put more electric in as the Dragonair from PF has an attack for 1 E energy that flips for paralysis. But its hard to justify it with 3 grass Pokemon. Electric also allows Dragonite to hit for 90 and heal for 30, if i ever really really need to knock something out and have no other way to. Though its usually the last resort as it gets rid of the item lock.


Any suggestions to make this deck better? I feel like i might remove Genesect and maybe LaserBank for 6 more cards, but idk if thats a good bet. They all really help, and all i would probably do is add 1 more Dragonite, Trubbish, Garbodor, DCE, and Rare Candy, for consistency sake.

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