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Darkrai EX/Keldeo EX Deck


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Pokemon: 9

Darkrai EX x3

Keldeo Ex x 2

Sableye x2

Absol x2


Trainers: 30

Dark Patch x4

Bicycle x4

Pokemon Catchers x2

Hypnotoxic Laser x2

Virbank City Gym x2

Ultra Ball x4

Cilan x1

Skyla x2

Professor Juniper x2

Bianca x2

Dark Claw x2

Tool Scrapper x1

Eviolite x1

Computer Search x1



Dark Energy x21


Keldeo Ex works very well with Darkrai Ex because it can use Rush In ability and get a free retreat cost with Darkrai EX ability to heal any status condition on either Darkrai Ex or Absol. Absol is used so any Suicune or Sigilyph will not completely ruin this deck. The goal of this deck is to let Darkrai EX or Absol attach as many energy as possible in one turn. Using Ultra Ball allows me to discard 2 Dark Energy and search for Darkrai EX. After I use Ultra Ball and put Darkrai Ex in my bench, I can then use Dark Patch to attach energy to Darkrai EX. There is a chance that I will not have many card in my hand, so I can use Bicycle to draw cards. If I am lucky I can get Ultra Ball and Bicycle again.


I still need help about some trainer cards and how many energy I should put in my deck.



Use Computer search as a Ace Spec

Add Sableye

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I feel like if you dont know what ace spec to use, computer search will always be a good choice.


Also i hope you know sigilyph/Suicune + Mirror can wall your entire deck.

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You could try adding something that attacks with colorless energy. Like Bouffer or something of that sort. A basic would be the best bet.

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