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Plasma Colorless Deck


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Pokemon: 16

Lugia EX x3

Tornadus EX (Plasma) x3

Deoxys EX x4

Emolga (Call for Family) x2

Mewtwo EX x2

Safeguard Sigilyph x2


Trainers and Supporter: 25

Colress Machine x3

Team Plasma Pokeball x2

Shadow Triads x2

Colress x2

Cheren or Team Plasma Grunt x1

Pokemon Catcher x2

Cilan x1

Tool Scrapper x2

Enhanced Hammer x1

Hypnotoxic Laser x2

Skyla x2

Virbank City Gym x1

Eviolite x1

Scramble Switch x1

Iris x2


Energy: 16

Double Colorless Energy x4

Plasma Energy x4

Psychic Energy x8


I nearly finish this deck, I just need 1 more Emolga and 3 more Deoxys EX. This deck can also win my opponent in one turn with Double Colorless Energy and 2 Colress Machine, however I am not sure about some trainer cards and energy.

Also if I have 4 Deoxys Ex in my bench, will Lugia EX attack does 40 more damage or 10 more damage.


Any help would be appreciate.



Use only 3 Lugia EX, Tornadus EX and Colress Machine.

Remove Crushing Hammer and Frozen City.

Replace Rock Guard with Scramble Switch.

Use 8 Psychic Energy.

Add Mewtwo EX and Sigilyph.

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I feel like you need to get rid of all of your single trainer cards, or well most of them, and add in more useful play sets. The 2 hammers will rarely ever come up so its hard to plan a strategy around it. Sure it may come up and knock off 1 special energy, but the crushing hammer will probably fail and do nothing. Also i cant recommend using both frozen city and virbank/laser. It takes up a lot of card space that could be something else.


Probably remove 1 or 2 colress machines. If you think about it, there are rarely any times you will pull all 4 colress machines and still have the plasma energy in the deck. You will most likely have 1 prized, or 1 or 2 get drawn into your hand. Thus making the remaining colress machines useless.


Having both 4 Lugia and 4 Tornadus is probably not a good idea. Since they will both need the Plasma energy to be efficient. After you burn 1 or 2 on lugia and attach a few to tornadus. Neither of them will be able to hit hard enough to knock anything out. Shadow Triad may help, but idk if its enough.


You also need non Ex/non plasma attackers. Since you have no way of hitting through Sigilyph/suicines ability. They will be able to wall your entire team aside from Emolga. Your opponent could also run a few Silver mirrors and achieve the same effect. Thus making those matches, a complete loss.


Also maybe only 5 psychic energy may be needed to free up more card space.


And for Ace spec. When in doubt, use computer search, though scramble switch might be a better choice.

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Thanks for the help, I will update my deck soon. Changes are in Bold. Also can you recommend me any other good Colorless or Psychic Pokemon that is not an EX.

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There is a good pokemon that would be amazing in a deck like this. Though it is a second step and it would change up your trainer count by a lot. But if everything goes according to plan. It could be amazing.


The pokemon i speak of is Porygon Z. It has the ability to move plasma energy from one pokemon to another as often as you like during your turn before you attack. Thus it allows for crazy things with Tornadus, Lugia, Mewtwo, and Genesect if you put it in as well.


Basically the strategy is to build up Porygon Z by turn 2. Which is possible with rare candy. Though as you would assume it would take up a lot of deck space. However it will allow you to attack with any of your Exs whenever you feel like it. If one of them is going to die next turn. No problem, move energy away from it. Or if you want to go the route of Max Potion. You can move the energy away, full heal it, and then move energy back.


Lugia will be able to easily attack, Tornadus can in theory hit the 180 damage easily and not trap all the energy on it, and Mewtwo can instantly hit for 80 damage + 20 damage for each of the defending pokemon's energy count. Also with Genesect Ex you can use it purely as a catcher if you ever draw a plasma energy then simply move it on to one of your attackers.


Though it would probably require you to have like 3-4 rare candy, float stones/switches, max potions,v1 more shadow triad. Along with 3-1-3 Porygon Z, at the very least. Probably making your deck list something like this but not limited to.


3-1-3 Porygon Z

2x Tornadus Ex

2x Lugia Ex

1x Genesect Ex

2x Mewtwo Ex

2x Sigilyph


7/8 Drawing Supporters

2/3 Skyla

2/3 Shadow Triad


2/3 Ultra Ball/Plasma Ball

3/4 Rare Candy

2/3 Max Potions

4 Switch/Float Stone

3 Colress Machine


3/4 DCE

4 Plasma

5/7 Psychic


Eitherway this is a deck idea i have been thinking about.

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Porygon-Z is a great idea to put in my deck. This deck is going to be Psychic and Colorless deck instead. Thanks for the suggestion.

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why dont you try dialga ex with the plasma energies moving it can do 90 damage and discard 4 cards of your opponents deck, and the best is that the attacks cost only requres colorless energies

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I don't really want to discard my opponent's top deck, it might be a bit useful, but this is not a deck out deck. I would rather use Tornadus EX to OHKO an EX rather than discarding my opponent top deck.

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