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Need help, did my card worth anything??


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Im new, and i get these, is this worth anything??


I have a Red Arceus Coin, and the following card:











-Rescue Scarf






-Gible *2

-Nincada *2


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All of those cards are worth mostly 0.25 or 0.5 in packs or even less or maybe nothing. If your Garchomp is Mach Cut then it's worth like 1-2 packs and if it is SR then it's worth more.

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SR is "Secret Rare." Secret Rare cards are the extra ones that look different and have a card number higher than the number of cards in the set. For example, a Secret Rare Emboar has the colors of a Shiny Emboar (blue flames) instead of the regular colors (red flames). It's number at the bottom left of the card is also higher than the number for regular cards (in this case, it's 100/99).

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