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Type Tournament 2 (single players)


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Hello, this is seeker33 and I am making a type tournament 2. The type tournament 1 (which type is the strongest) is a complete success and is ending soon, I will be creating a Type tournament 2, There will be some Changes and rules about this tournament. This is a single players tournament. If you want to enter, sign in on the thread and choose what type you want to play in. Only up to 3 Players can be with the same type.




All cards from any series and packs can be used, but all players decks must have the only type Pokémon their team are, unless any basic that evolves into that type. EG. Swablu - Altaria for Dragon Players. Any type of energy's and special energy's can be used. This is a EX free tournament, so no exs are allowed in your decks anytime (including Legends), 1 Pokemon Prime Card is allowed and ACE Specs are allowed. You can have any number of Pokémon in your deck.


Card Ruling:


No Exs


No Legends


Up to 1 Pokemon Prime card only (no more than 1)


Pokémon can only be in your deck the type you choose except basics that evolve into that type your choose.


Hypnotoxic Laser is allowed



Tournament Rules:


If you want to sign in, type in your account name, Timezone and type you want to play in.


Here are all the types:






















Maximum of 3 players can only be in 1 Type attribute


if you want to retire from the tournament or sign in, Post me a message or PM online and I will sign you out.


Rule Changes may apply during the Tournament



Tournament Game Rules:


Players that have entered will be randomly selected and put into pairs against your opponent, You will battle your opponent in a single match only. Each players that have battled must score your prize cards to score points equal of the number of prize cards you taken. Bonus will be added depending how many prize cards you taken when you win, if you lose you don't gain the bonus.



the winner takes a number of prize cards gain additional bonus points:


1 Prize +8


2 Prize +6


3 Prize +4


4 prize +3


5 prize +1


6 Prize +0



Any Players going to be absent during the tournament, Tell Me,


Round 4


The Next tournament I will be hosting is a Christmas tournament in December 2013

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Players that have entered and type they want to be playing with: 



Tigerking13 GMT -5 (grass type)


Grizzlych GMT +1 (grass type)


Seeker33 GMT +0 (Psychic type)


Extorcian GMT -3 (Grass Type)



Lucky369 GMT -5 (Steel Team)



Kotecek Gmt +2 (Psychic Type)


Roit76ad GMT -7 (Dragon Type)

Wronglai GMT +8 (Dark Type)

Blackstorm7667 GMT -4 (Colourless Type)

Keybrdkid09 GMT -5 (colourless Type)

Ace9959 OCE (Fighting Team)

bambam07 (Dragon Type) EST

N____ GMT -5 (Fire Type)


Shad88 GMT +3 (Eletric Type)




Grin_der GMT -7 (dragon type)


Rolfeddyboy GMT -4 (electric Player)

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Tournament Rounds:


Round 1:

Roit76ad (automatic win opponent didn't respond) Vs Tigerking13

Ace9959 (win by coin toss) Vs Shad88

Kotecek vs Grizzlych (win)

Seeker33 vs lucky369 (win)

Bambam07 Vs Extorcian (win by coin toss)

N____ (won by coin toss) VS Wronglai

Blackstorm7667 vs Keybrdkid09 (win)

Grin_der BYE


Round 2:

Grizzlych vs Keybrdkid09 (win)

Lucky369 (automatic win lucky369 Pm online about cant find opponent and opponent did not respond) vs Ace9959

Roit76ad (win by coin toss) vs grin_der

Extorcian (win by coin toss) vs N____

Seeker33 (win) vs kotecek

shad88 vs blackstorm7667 (automatic win player didn't respond)

bambam07 vs tigerking13 (win by coin toss)

wronglai vs rolfeddyboy (win by coin toss)



Round 3;


Keybrdkid09 vs lucky369

grizzlych vs roit76ad (automatic win opponent didn't responded)

extorcian vs seeker33 (automatic win opponent didn't responded)

blackstorm7667 (automatic win opponent didn't responded) vs tigerking13

grin_der vs ace9959

N____ vs rolfeddyboy (automatic win Pm online about cant find opponent and opponent did not respond)

kotecek (automatic win opponent didn't responded) vs bambam07

shad88 vs wronglai

Round 4:

Lucky369 vs Roit76ad

keybrdkid09(win) vs seeker33

grizzlych (win) vs blackstorm7667

extorcian vs rolfeddyboy

kotecek vs tigerking13

Round 5


lucky369 vs grizzlych

keybrdkid09 vs roit76ad

rolfeddyboy vs seeker33

kotecek vs blackstorm7667

extorcian vs tigerking13


Battle your opponent in a single match and score how many prize cards you have taken. the highest points move up the chart for round 4, if you dont pay your matches, coin toss or automatic win for anyone who replys within the time limit, anyone who gets the coin toss win get 6 points. There will be 5 rounds and the top 8 players with the highest points will get through for game 2 after 5 rounds. Any player with bold writing means they have won that game. Any players with non italic underlined writing writing means they are disquified. Time limit for Round 4, 7 Days. Good Luck[TABLE]

Players name:





































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You don't work as a team with the same type as your opponents, you battle opponents done by the parings and battle different players in each round (even though the round rules haven't been shown yet because I'm still thinking it could be a different format for the rounds) . You may battle your opponent with the same type as you. Freespirit87 do you still want to enter or not?

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I will be also entering this tournament, Seeker33 GMT +0 (it will be GMT -1 if the tournament continues up to November) Psychic Types I will be using.

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