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Every time crashes


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Hey Guys :)


Sorry to here that, but there's three things you can try whilst you wait for Official Advise:


1) Completely uninstall and re-install the game. If you downloaded the game using Google Chrome, download it from a different browser, such as Internet Explorer


2) Launch the game from the Refresher.exe as apposed to the launcher. This file can be found wherever you installed the game to.


2) Run this game as an Administrator. This can either be done by right clicking the Launcher and selecting 'Run as an Administrator' or going via Properties.

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Thank you for your help,

But I tried all the options suggested but none of them helped me the game still crashes.


Then you need to submit a ticket to support.pokemon.com - include details such as your computer specification, operating system and download/install details when you ask about your problem. You can find a link to this page in a a Moderator's Signature - or just type 'support.pokemon.com' into your web browser and hit enter :)

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Hi Iz7500,


Please do not create multiple threads regarding the same subject. This is considered spamming and is not permitted. I have merged your threads for this reason.


First, please make sure your computer meets all of the minimum system requirements, located on the FAQ page under "How Do I Install/Uninstall the Pokémon TCG Online for Windows/Mac?".


If you believe that your system does meet these specifications, I recommend sending a ticket in to the support team, which you can do by clicking the link in my signature, signing in, and clicking "Ask a Question". Please add as much detail as possible, including any error codes or crash reports you may be getting. Please also include an attachment of your system specs. You may obtain one of these via the DxDiag tool (for Windows) or the System Profiler (for Mac).


Good luck, and thanks for your patience!

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