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Does anyone know a good Plasma Blast Haxorus deck? So far I got:


PB Axew X4

PB Haxorus X4

Devour Durrant X4


Caitlin X2

N X4

Juniper X2

Iris X2

Pokemon Collector X2

Rare Candy X4

Hypnotic Laser X2

Level Ball X4

Crushing Hammer X3


Fighting Energy X4

Steel Energy X9

Blend Energy (W,L,***) X2


So if anyone could give me advice i would be grateful.

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I dont understand why you are using Durrant. I dont think its a good idea to put in durant into this deck. It would be wasting steel energy that should be placed onto Haxorus. Also unless you are planning to play Unlimited, i think Pokemon Collector has been cycled out.


As for card suggestions. I would suggest changing the Axew for Dragon Vault Axews. The one with Signs of Evolution. This allows you to search for a Fraxure. Also add 1 Fraxure into your deck, the PB one. This allows you access to Haxorus even if you are under item lock. It may take a turn longer, but 1 turn later is better than never.


Your supporters most likely need to be changed up a bit. 4 Junipers and 4 Ns are pretty much standard. With a 2nd step deck you probably want to run 2 skyla at least. It allows you to search for rare candy. After that you can choose between Colress, Bianca, Caitlin, and Cheren for probably an additional 2 drawing support. Iris is a pretty solid new supporter to run. Though i probably wouldnt add more than 2 to a deck.


As for pokemon you could try a few different routes. If you have it. Landorous Ex is a pretty good choice. T1 it can do 30 to active and 30 to a bench. You could also try Terrakion, or even Lucario with Dual Armor since it works really well with Iris. Or just go with Altaria, so you can do 20 more damage for each altaria on the bench. Another deck i've seen runs 2 Gibble/Gabite. To use dragon call and get out all of your Haxorus easier.


I also dont know why you just randomly have 2 Hypnotoxic lasers. Its a pretty good item card yes. But usually you would use it with Virbank since it adds 20 damage per turn to poison damage and helps as a counter stadium, which you could really use. Frozen City would make it a lot harder to use Haxorus.


Pokemon Catchers are also a really common item to run in decks and are in PB, so unpacking them shouldn't be too hard.


There are other things but im about to pass out.

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I run a garchomp/haxorus deck. I agree there's no point in durant. If you choose to use garchomp, you may want to have 4 blends WLFM.

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I feel like garchomp is not a great pokemon to add in. Sure it allows you to call for dragons. But it requires you to have Fraxures to make use of dragon call. Which really fills up pokemon space. You are basically just adding in another attacker instead of a support pokemon that Haxorus really needs. Haxorus can hit really hard already, but i feel like it needs something to support it. Im not sure what. I feel like its some sort of energy acceleration. Imo i think Victini with Victory piece is the best bet in terms of energy acceleration for steel types. Aside from ether. But that also requires different energy so. idk. Haxorus should be really good, but its really hard to build a deck around it.

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