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Hey there, So i used to play Pokemon a few years back but was too young to be very competitive due to tornaments being too far and my parents wouldn't drive so far for a card game. I always had a feeling once i was older i would be back; however, my current problem is how to start again? I have no legal cards at the moment and don't know how to begin. I am returning to my old league to play again. I am not at a starter level so would like to try to start out as advanced as i can (strategy games have always been my strong point) so a starter deck is not what i am looking for. Should i be getting booster packs or tins? Or would it be better to buy singe cards off a site like toywiz.com? Also, are they're any big changes in how the game is played now as opposed to 2009-10? Thank you

ps. I also would like to know what expansions i should get packs from, there are so manny now

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At local Leagues, you should be allowed to use any cards you possess as they are traditionally in the Unlimited format.


Regardless of your perceived level, it is recommended to get a theme deck as they teach new mechanics and contain some of the most basic cards you will need. It is especially true for new and returning players.


A tin is only for storing cards, so they optional, but would not hurt. It is mostly a collector item that usually comes with a special card.


Use the boosters to switch out cards in your existing deck until you have something that you feel is competitive.


Currently, I believe it is Next Destinies and beyond that are in Modified format's rotation.


Since 2010, Pokémon has seen the return of EX, which you might have heard, and the rise of Team Plasma cards. The rule on Pokémon EX (printed on the card) is that to offset their increased power, KO'ing one results in two prizes being drawn. Plasma cards are noted for having the Plasma insignia watermarked on their text-face. They are no different than other Pokémon and Trainer cards besides having special ********* to other Plasma cards.

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