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Potion Max - bad text for french translation

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The "Potion Max" item french translation is :

"Vous pouvez jouer autant de cartes Objet que vous le voulez pendant votre tour (avant votre attaque)"

which can be translated to

"You can play as items card as you want during your turn (before your attack)"


The real effect is to restore all HP of a Pokemon but discarding him for all energy card he had.


Here is the good text :

"Soignez tous les dégâts de l'un de vos Pokémon. Ensuite, défaussez toutes les Energies attachées au Pokémon choisi"


Seems the text are not in the normal position and text must be inversed.


Here, the current card :



Edit : Seems to be the same for "Attrape-Pokemon" (Pokemon Catcher) card. It's exactly the same false description.

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