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Fun Decks Time!!


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Hi all! I'm here to discuss fun decks overall, to ask you what are your favorite fun decks, if you want I can add your list to the thread like I'm putting mine to spread the deck ideas and maybe make them better together. I got two decks going on right now:


Cradily Weavile:

Pokémon - 20

4-3 Weavile PF

3-2 Cradily PB

2 Sableye DE

2 Venusaur DE


Trainers - 28

4 Juniper

4 N

2 Skyla

3 Ultra Ball

2 Level Ball

2 Catcher

2 Root Fossil Lileep

2 Random Receiver

1 Tool Scrapper

1 Switch

1 Super Rod

1 Computer Search

2 Float Stone

1 Twist Mountain


Energy - 12

4 Blend GRPD

4 Grass

4 Dark


Ninjas - Based on OverlordMMM

Pokémon - 18

4 Nincada DR

3 Ninjask DR

4 Shedinja DR

2-2 Accelgor DE

2 Siglyph DR

1 Mr. Mime PF


Trainers - 32

4 N

4 Juniper

3 Skyla

4 Level Ball

3 Catcher

3 Laser

2 Super Rod

2 Devolution Spray

2 Revive

1 Tool Scrapper

1 Computer Search

1 Silver Mirror

2 Virbank


Energy - 10

4 Blend GRPD

3 Grass

3 Psychic


There they are! Please comment on anything that I can improve on them and feel free to post your deck ideas!

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I have one. It's more of an idea than a list. I made a deck like this at home, but without all the fun cards (like Catcher). Basically, it's Cofagrigus (Chuck)(3-2, I would like a 4-3), with a 2-2 Masquerain, 3 Sableye, and Darkrai EX (we have 1, but I would want 2). I would also want 4 DCE, but we only have one. Basically, it runs 11 tools. The idea is to provide Free Retreat with Darkrai and use Chuck dealing massive amounts of damage (5 tools for 200 damage). It may not be that good, but it's really fun to play. Good luck and God bless!!

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Cradily PB itself has so many fun uses it deserves a thread for itself. Here's my favourite Cradily Variant:



13 Monsters


2 Virizion EX

4-3 Cradily

4 Serperior

1 Dusknoir

1 Gallade


35 Trainer


4 Juniper

4 Caitlin

4 N

2 Skyla


4 Pokemon Catcher

4 Root Fossil Lileep

2 Switch

2 Ultra Ball

1 Tool Scrapper

1 Super Rod

1 Computer Search


2 Float Stone

2 Silver Bangle

1 Silver Mirror


1 Tropical Beach


12 Energy


12 Grass Energy



Having Virizion EX as your only basic means you start it 100% of the time. Ideal start is Tropical Beach turn 1, Fossil into a lileep by turn 2 and Virizion's Emerald Slash to put 2 energy on it, Turn 3 make Cradily, Lifesplosion for 3 energy and fill the bench with Serperior. From there it's a game of stalling and gradually putting damage on the board until Dusknoir can claim all the prizes.

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Well i had a deck that was fun(one of my fave) and has a unstale win rate like weavile/exegcute. it's rotated out now becuase i run energy switch:/



Shaymin ex x2 [didnt have the 3rd)

Mew ex x1

Emolga x2

Sableye x1

4-4 Cofagrigus(six feet under)

Audino x1

Mr Mime x1


Trainer: 33

Dowsing Machine x1

Energy switch x 3

Enhanced Hammer x2

Hypnotic Laser x2

Level ball x3

Catcher x4

Random reciever x2

Super rod x1

Plasma Ball x2

Tool Scrapper x 1

Ultra Ball x1


Ghetsis x1

N x4

Juniper x 3

Skyla x1


Skyarrow bridge x2


Energy: 11

psy blend x1

Basic grass x7

Basic dark x3



the point is ofcourse to build up shaymins revenge blast power.

i run levels balls more in order to get emolga, which can get severall yamask(ambush) in play as soon as.


After several cofagrigus you are now able to lock a player with one/two cards with N.

Usually they will have a set up pokemon by this. but thats ok.

And the deck works under suprise. Either play a newly unharmed Shaymin Ex an energy switch and energy and it is good to go and ko the set up pokemon, which you would have either made it in range using cofagrigus if neccesary.

Energy switch is the main help on achieving this instant surpise after N,

but it is achievable without it .

However getting Mew ex is also a bnous at times as it woudnt need the energy switch from emolga, as ca get attacking with revenage blast also.

I find late game along with N, cathcer is very important into completely wrecking any potential recovery and securing the win as plan.

Mime and enhanced hammer slow down TDK fast set up and Darkrai from doing a two turn four prize on my low HP ex.


Sableye is always a ster early game/late game. it can get the dowsing/ plasma ball whenever and can take advanatge of N.


This deck has in fact beaten all tier decks, so im quite proud but it took several trials to achieve this decklist. it is to my taste but feel free to use it.

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