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Victini Luck Deck


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Hey so i was thinking of using this deck with Victini to support Raichu, Weavile and Semisear and zapatos. Will this be too manny pokemon in a deck?












4-Rocky helmet

2-Level ball

2-Dark claw

2-ultra ball

4-great ball

2-super rod








Most cards need to be ordered, i am waiting to hear advice before i order any though. Thanks

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You don't really need Raichu, Weavile and Simisear. They are not the strongest Pokemon to be use with a Fliptini deck because if you use the Victory Star ability you need to flip every coin you flip with that move again. One of the Pokemon that works very well with Fliptini (Victory Star Victini) is Reshiram EX, its Brave Fire attack does an amazing 150 damage, but it will do 50 damage to itself if you get tail in a coin flip, using victini will allows you to flip the coin again, giving Reshiram only 25% chance of hurting itself. Reshiram EX is also the same type as Victini, so you don't need to put too many different type of Energy in your deck. There might be more good Pokemon that works with Victini, but I will let other people suggest it.


Remove Mincinno because you don't need it at all if you don't have Cincinno. You might need to add Emolga and Victini Ex even though it has nothing to do with Fliptini. Emolga allows you to search your deck for 2 basic Pokemon and put it in your bench with Call for Family, so you can search for Reshiram EX and Victini and put it in your bench, also Emolga can retreat for free. Victini Ex can attach up to 2 any basic Energies to your bench Pokemon, so you can attack faster with Reshiram Ex or any other Pokemon. Entei EX is optional.


For trainer cards, you don't need 4 Rocky helmet, Rock Guard is a lot better even though it was a Ace spec. Remove Dark Claw, you don't really need them because Weavile didn't work that well in this deck. Replace Level Ball, Ultra Ball and Great Ball with 2 Pokemon Communication because Level Ball only allows you to search for a Pokemon with 90 HP or lower, Great Ball requires luck to get a Pokemon you want and Ultra Ball requires you to discard 2 cards. Pokemon Communication allows you to search for any Pokemon like Ultra Ball, but only requires you to return 1 Pokemon in your hand into your deck. Super Rod is not that useful, you could use Revive instead. Add 1 or 2 Skyla, 1 Cheren, 1 Cilan, 1 or 2 Hypnotoxic Laser, 2 Pokemon Catcher, 2 Energy Retrieval and 1 Energy Search into your deck. Skyla allows you to search for any Trainer Card even Supporter into your hand, Cheren allows you to draw 3 cards. Cilan and Energy Search can search for energies, Cilan is a lot better, but it is a supporter. Hypnotoxic laser will Poison your opponent and have 50% chance to sleep opponent, you may put Virbank City Gym to make Poison become stronger. Pokemon Catchers are one of the strongest item card, it switch your opponent active Pokemon with their bench and you get to choose what Pokemon you want your opponent to switch out. Energy Retrieval retrieve up to 2 basic energy in your discard pile.


Hope this help

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You're spreading your deck too thin with so many different lines of Pokemon. As the previous poster said, 2 Heads on a Mamoswine can deal 180 Damage. Although if you want more consistent damage, Vanilluxe with ChillMAX isn't a bad choice (as you can put on a 5th energy for more consistency)

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After some other suggestion from other people, I will create a deck list for fliptini deck.



2 Reshiram EX

2 Victini EX

2 Emolga

3-1-3 Mamoswine or ChillMax Vanniluxe

3 Victini



2 Pokemon Catcher

3 Rare Candy

3 Skyla

2 Ultra Ball

1 Cilan

2 Cheren

2 Juniper

1 Colress

1 Bianca

1 N

1 Energy Retrieval

1 Computer Search

3 Switch or Float Stone (you can mix them up)

1 Eviolite


Energy: 20

9 Fire Energy

9 Water Energy




I would prefer Vanniluxe more than Mamoswine, but Mamoswine first attack, Frost Stone also works well with fliptini. I am not sure about putting both of them in though.


Hope this help.

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