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Cannot trade all my packs

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I am having an issue currently where I can only trade a certain number of packs at a time. I currently have 10 Plasma Blast packs (all full 10 packs, all marked for trade).


I have offers out for 6 packs total, and yet I cannot trade any others. This has been happening since yesterday, the last couple packs I have can never be used.


Any idea what to do?


Thank you in advance!


Edit: Pics


Part 1 - Current offers for 4 packs: imgur.com/E7MvQEt

Part 2 - Showing I have 10 packs: imgur.com/cybgvww

Part 3 - Trade for 2 packs (bringing total to 6): imgur.com/4dtvJ0z

Part 4 - My packs MIA: imgur.com/fCyUjBc

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