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Twist Mountain glitch


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I've encountered this glitch twice, once in a friend vs friend match, and once in pvp. I am playing a deck that includes the fossil Pokémon Lileep. I used Twist Mountain, and got heads, to play Lileep from my hand to the bench. It worked the first time. But as the game continued I tried again, and flipped heads. But this time, the game freezes after I click ok. I can zoom in on the cards on the field, but can't zoom in, or select, any cards in my hand, including the Lileep I'm trying to place on the bench. In pvp it froze the timer for both players, but I could still chat with my opponent. If it helps, both times this occurred I had a Shiny Reuniclus and a Serperior on the bench, as well as a Cradilly which evolved from the Lileep I placed on the bench from the first Twist Mountain attempt.

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