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After a booster box and an ETB. I pulled pretty much all the cards i needed for this deck. So i decided to go with it.

Though im not really sure how i want to build this deck.


Pokemon:14 (11 Basics)

2x Genesect Ex

2x Virizion Ex

1x Shaymin Ex

3-3 Abomasnow

2x Tropius

1x Genesect



4x Juniper

3x N

1x Colress

1x Iris

1x Caitlin

1x Shadow Triad

2x Skyla



3x Ultra Ball

2x Super Rod

2x Energy Retrieval

2x Switch

2x Tool Scrapper

1x Bicycle

2x Pokemon Center

2x Exp Share

1x Silver Bangle

1x Silver Mirror

1x G Booster



4 Plasma

10 Grass


Not really sure where i'm going with this deck yet. i only tried it against my roommate so far and he only uses 1 Ex, no plasma, and no tool cards. So i end up with a bunch of dead cards while facing him.


Though atm i know there are a few things i may change. I dont really like the pokemon center right now. It helps me a little but not enough. I might end up using Virbank and Lasers, since i usually will have no fear of status effects. Though against mirrors it will be a useless 5/6 cards. Though plasma Firgate might be another alternative to help against fire types.


I also might just take out plasma energy for catchers. I basically only use them for catcher since all of my pokemon only use 1 colorless energy, and only attaches to Genesect. so they are kinda of dead in my hand most of the time unless i need to catcher something out. I had Tornadus Ex in this deck for a bit to make use of the excess plasma energy. but i never found a good time to attach it to him. Maybe if i ran colress machines. But then i would have to run colress machine, catchers, and plasma energy.


I'm also unsure if i want to use Caitlin or Colress yet. Colress is good since i usually have a large bench. But is bad early game. Though it can also be gotten back with shadow triad. Caitlin is only good if i have tons of cards in my hand, but it allows me to selectively recycle my hand, which can help if i need to hold onto a certain card.


idk there are a lot of issues i have with this deck atm. But its only day one of deck construction. Any suggestions or comments?

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