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Best All Around deck? (need commets n feedback)


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Built this deck based on a tight budget. It is a multi-color deck so to decrease weaknesses. So far this deck had a 71% win rate before Plasma Blast. However recently changed it around because of Plasma Blast release. My deck still in modification mode lol.


Pokemon ________13__________________________


2 x mewtwo ex

2 x Cobalion ex

1 x tornadus ex (with power blast)

3 x Hooh ex

1 x Shaymin ex

1 x Virizion ex

1 x Sigilyph (safe guard)

1 x Cobalion (iron breaker)

1 x Zekrom




1 x enhanced hammer

4 x pokemon Catcher

2 x hypnotoxic laser (need to take laser out soon cuz of virizion ex)

1 x escape rope

1 x max potion

1 x Scoop up cyclone (best Ace-spec card ever)

2 x swtich

2 x tool scrapper (need to add more cuz of silver mirror? )

2 x ultra ball

2 x Ghetsis

2 x N

4 x Juniper

1 x Battle city

2 x Flow stone

2 x Silver Mirror




5 x Grass

3 x Psychic

4 x Metal

4 x DCE

2 x Prism energy



Strategy of this deck is to attack on an average pace, with Virizion ex n my supporter cards to help with energy accelerate. Basically trying to power up mewtwo and also power up Hooh ex from discard pile. I got Cobailion ex, Sig for anti-EX pokemon, also enhanced hammer n Cobalion ex for anti- team plasma pokemon, hopefully Hooh ex for anti- genesect/Virizion decks. My deck still work in progress, need cards like Silver Mirror would be great for anti-EX. I will probably take out mew ex, Shaymin ex, n Tornadus ex, if I can get some more Virizion ex, genesect ex, or kyurem ex (outrage)


Anyways thanks for reading, any feedback is welcome to help me improve this deck.



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Seems like it might be a few too many EX's to me.With 10 of them in there it seems like you're taking a bit of a risk.Remember,with so many EX's on the field,there is a chance of the battle only being half as long.

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