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Mew EX may be buged

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I have a Mew EX card, but since this morning, for 3 or 4 times, I can't use the Versatile Ability, no matter how many energies cards I have attached to it, or what kind of energy card. It just don't wok, I click on the Versatile, but the menu disappear and I can't choose the attack. I thought it would be blocked by some ability of some other pokemon on the play, but I checked and had nothing that was doing it. So, even with a lot of energies cards attached toMew EX, and with a lot of pokemons on the play, it still don't working.


What problem it could be?


This is the version of my card:


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Hello Colossosan,


Thank you for the bug report, the team is currently aware of this issue and looking into a fix. We appreciate your patience in the mean time and hope to have an update soon! I'll be closing this thread for now.

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