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Trading for Plasma Blast Packs!


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My cards for your PB Packs!


PB Cards

4x Genesect EX (15)

1x Genesect FA (19)

2x Virirzion EX (14)

2x Kyurem EX (5)

1x Jirachi FA (5)

1x Palkia FA (5)

1x Dialga EX (3)

1x Rare Candy SR (16)

1x G-Booster (3)

2x G Scope (2)



9x Deoxys EX (7)

4x Deoxys FA (11)

6x Mewtwo EX (4)

6x Mewtwo FA (10)

7x Darkrai EX (4)

7x Darkrai FA (9)

12x Thundurus EX (5)

12x Thundurus FA (8)

4x Lugia EX (4)

10x Lugia FA (7)

6x Keldeo EX (4)

4x Keldeo FA (8)

8x Landorus EX (4)

4x Landorus FA (7)

6x Tornadus DEX EX (4)

4x Tornadus DEX FA (7)

4x Cobalion EX (4)

9x Cobalion FA (6)


I have more EXs just post and ill give you a price. I also have SRs, FAs & other cards just let me know your needs with a post or pm me in game!!!




11x Deoxys EX (7)


11x how many i have for trade

(7) how much PB packs I'm trading it for

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do you think i can get some sort of discount if i buy 4x Deoxys EX at a time?


Yes I can do them for 6.5 each if you were to buy 4.

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