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Ways to get tokens


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I believe this has been discussed a number of times before, even with guideso n how to maximize your token income.


Here is an incomplete list of token-earning actions.


Daily login reward. - 15p

First PvP match of the day lasting longer than five(5) minutes. - 10p

Wins in PvP (for a while) - 1p

Completing tasks in Trainer Challenge - 1-5p

Playing games on pokemon.com's Fun Zone - 1-2p

Trainer Club Spin on pokemon.com's Fun Zone - 1-3p

Watching episodes on PokémonTV - 1p (This may have changed)


Please note that while starting another free account might seem tempting as it can appear to increase your token count, tokens and anything purchased with them cannot be traded for that reason precisely. Also, players found to have multiple accounts can be banned.

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