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Sara64 complete suggestion list


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Here is my complete suggestion list in order this game become far more better on my opinion!!:P


Important suggestions:

Trainer challenge:


After complete 100% trainer challenge and take the rewards when you beat a trainer you take 10 tokens every day like PvP or unlock 1 random free card every time you beat a trainer


Reward for complete overall wins (36/36) I recommended the reward was 1 free random ex card for this!!


With all these trainer challenge going to have infinitive interest for the user!!


Practice Mode:


Every time you make a new deck and test it with practice mode you unlock 1 token!!


With this the user have a more important reason to play practice mode




Users are able to trade with tokens too!! This way the users not usually need really money in order to buy a card and after that trade it for more rare cards!! They simply with patience take a big amount of tokens and after that trade these tokens for more rare cards!!


Non important suggestions:


2vs2 mode for trainer challenge and PvP


More available Decks themes and booster packs for shop and login bonus!!


Replay mode so the users don't need record programs to make a replay video


Players are able to use also decks they make on trainer challenge after complete 100% this mode


Trade able cards for free only if the trainers buy a booster pack on shop with tokens

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