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Change the current Queue system to a Lobby system


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I think it might be easier for people to find the matches they're looking for if they can just make a game room and accept players who are willing to accept their terms for play. A player could make a room with a comment that they can better find people who they can face against. They could leave comments such as:


"Looking for lower level/new players to play with!", "Testing my tournament deck, come at me!", "Looking for someone to play without EX", and so on. Players looking for matches can then read those lobby comments and join games which apply to them.


While lobby systems aren't always perfect, since there's always someone who will ignore the comments, there's currently no penalty for leaving so it wouldn't be an issue. Players will be able to set up the kind of matches they want (such as Room marked as "Theme", "Unlimited" or "Modified). Once there are rankings, then the room creator would be able to set up a "Ranked" or "Unranked" matches.


Therefore, On the lobby page, it would show the following: The player who made the room, Their Level (though Level is currently unused), whether its a Ranked or Unranked game (when rankings come out), the format (Theme/Unlimited/Modified), and the room owner's comment for challengers to read. Rooms can have a password if the owner creates one (in case making a private game with a friend).


I think it would help out a lot more for now, considering the current queue system doesn't work that well in my opinion.

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Hi MomiMomiMomiji,


Great suggestion! I'll pass this one along to the Dev team and leave this thread open in the meantime.


We really appreciate your input!

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