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looking for a few cards...


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I need:


Ability Emboar




Typhlosion Prime (not that important)


EDIT: Someone asked me to put up more wants, so i want:


x4 Double colorless energy


x2 Bouffalant (revenge)


x2 Reshiram


x1 prize card alph lithograph


x1 Ursaring Prime


x2 Cleffa


x1 Snubbull


x1 Granbull


I have:


Meganium Prime


x2 Ho-oh legend bottom


Full Raikou and Suicune legend


Lugia legend top half


Steelix Prime










x2 rescue energy


x2 special metal energy


And most of all three theme decks.




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Do you have any other legend pieces? I can trade 1 for 1 for any piece.


If not, just try to impress me.


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I only have a ho oh legend top. I also have a shiny gyrados, a phsychic celebi, a haunter holo, and lots of others


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