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Random Tourneys...


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Yep, u heard right random tourneys or in other words i can say that i will host some tourneys of about 8-16 players(depends on the time i have at that time) at any days and any time during the week.So be aware in the lobbies for my announcements.Well from now on i will also participate in the tourneys.Just started participating from 3rd tourney



1)It will be single elimination for all rounds or i can do best 2/3 for Finals if i had enough time.

2)Format is Modified.

3)Deck Changing is allowed throughout the tourney.



As of now i m giving like 1 PF Pack or i can give a rare and a pack,or 2 PF(for 16 player tourneys only).



Hall of Fame

First Tourney Champ) Pokechill

2nd Tourney Champ) Honored_Mewtwo

3rd Tourney Champ) forgetitall

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there are no sign ups for these tourneys right now seeker and grizzlych.These tourneys are organised at random times so u have to sign up at that time and sign up in game not through the thread when i start a tourney.

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To the questions here,the answer is that u have to sign up in-game not here in the thread and whenever i announce that there's a tourney about to start then that means go into the Battle Challenge lobby in-game to sign up there.

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