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Wailord/Blastoise/Fliptini/Keldeo EX. Suggestions Needed.


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Hello. I made a new deck and it hasn't been going on well. If you can suggest anyway I can change this deck, then that would be great :cool: I need 2 more Superior Energy Retrieval and a Dowsing Machine in this deck but I have already posted about my plan. Hope I can get it quickly.



Pokemon: 17


3 Wailmer (Lullaby)

2 Wailord (Water Cannon)

4 Squirtle (Shell Shield)

3 Blastoise (Deluge)

2 Fliptini

2 Keldeo EX

1 Exceggute


Trainers: 31


4 Professor Juniper

4 Skyla

3 Colress

3 N

4 Rare Candy

3 Ultra Ball

1 Level Ball

1 Heavy Ball

3 Superior Energy Retrieval

1 Energy Retrieval

1 Pokemon Catcher

1 Super Rod

1 Computer Search

1 Dowsing Machine

Either Dowsing Machine or Computer Search


Energy: 12


12 Water Energies



I took the idea from a standard Blastoise/Keldeo deck, I modified it a bit with some Fliptini and Wailmer line.

Exceggute is exceptional. I use the Propagation Exeggute, because it's ability is a bit useful and you can reset everything and get strong cards out. Wailord's first move makes you flip a coin and if Heads, does 30 damage for each Water Energy attached to it. I used Fliptini to boost Wailord's chances of attack. Fliptini also boosts (Lullaby) Wailmer's attack. The first move makes you flip a coin and if Heads, makes your opponent fall asleep; Fliptini can also be used here, which increases Wailmer's Lullaby move from a 50% to 75%. I used one Catcher because of Dowsing Machine. Dowsing Machine will let you reuse Pokemon Catcher. Need to use this deck very wisely, because of less Water Energies. Tell me what you think about it. Suggestions needed.

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I feel like 4 skyla is a bit much.


Also you cant use both Comp search and dowsing machine. Those are ace specs and only 1 ace spec can be used per deck.


Change one of those for a Cilan maybe a skyla for another or perhaps another N. Cilans are great for Blastoise decks.


Also 2 Colress is pretty standard if you are using it. So 4 Junipers, 4 Ns, and 2 Colress. I usually use 3 skyla for 2 step decks and 2 cilans for my blastoise deck. I think 2 superior energy retrievals and 1 energy retrieval is enough. having 5 in all seems over ****. Especially with only 12 energy in your deck. Idk if you need to use 3 ultra, 1 of each balls. With so many supporters that draw cards, you will probably get tons of pokemon really quick. I think you may need more pokemon communication rather than pokeballs, with so many different pokemon in your deck.

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Okay thanks for the suggestion, I'll see how I can edit the deck. I know I kept 2 Ace-Specs, because I will use one depending on the situation. If I need a card to tackle my opponent I'll use Computer Search and if I need a card from the discard pile then I'll use Dowsing Machine.

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You cant have 2 ace specs. Its against the rules. Its not that you cant use more than 1 per game. You cant have it in your deck period. only 1 or the other, not both.

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Okay :P didn't know. I never used an Ace-Spec in any of my decks. Only once I used a Computer Search in Klinklang/Cobalion.

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You know, junk arm is basically dowsing machine... so you could just run that in there... it will make your deck modified illegal though.

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