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Fun and creative decks :)


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Hey people RoyalDuke

here :)


I'm working on a

Lugia legend-ho-oh ex with shaymin (celebration wind) deck.

It's just a fun deck but if I get it up and running it can even be pretty powerfull.

The problems I currently have are the following.

No good start, I haven't got a pokemon in there that I want to use as my first attacker.

This is because lugia legend can't be put down right away, shaymin I need in my hand to do the

energy switching and ho-oh ex i need in my discard pile to recycle my energies.

At the moment I've thrown in a Regigigas ex but that is by no means ideal.

I'd like your suggestions on this issue please :)

The seccond problem I'm having is returning ho-oh to my discard pile and shaymin to my hand.

As of now I'm using mainly ultra balls to discard ho-oh and seeker + super scoop up for returning

shaymin to my hand. Are there any alternatives?


This is the Deck

list I currenly have... not really ready yet and it needs a lot of ajustments but

it's a start.


3 shaymin (celebration wind)

4 ho-oh ex

3 Smeargle (portrait)

2-2 lugia legend. (I wanted to put in more lugia's but thats not possible due to the similar names or maybe only 2 of the same legend are allowed in one deck I don't know :P)




1 Computer search

3 Catcher

2 Pokemon Communication.

4 Super Scoop Up

2 Switch

2 Ultra Ball



2 Float stone


3 Pokemon Collector

3 Juniper

2 Proffessor Oak's New Theory

4 Seeker

3 Skyla



5 Fire

5 Water

5 Lightning

Thats it :)


Please give me some advice, constructive criticism or cards and money (haha bad joke I know)

I made some small ajustments, removed legend box, regigigas ex, put in 3 smeargle, removed a float stone, replaced one oak with a juniper and added 2 seeker.

Sincerely The Duke P.S. if you have any other Original deck ideas send them my way :) I love testing out new stuff :) .... Sorry about the C***** lay out of some parts... the thing keeps throwing in random enters if i past here (I typed in office one note) and after removing some of those enters i now see it has deleted a bunch more... but oh well i think its still readable...

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Hello all :)

Since no one has any suggestions or anything whatsoever, the deck is running pretty amazingly often even beating top tier decks I decided to make another random deck.

This one is based around ampharos and frozen city.

I plan on putting in 2 ampharos prime and 2 with electromagnetic wall.

Together with frozen city it will deal 70 damage for attaching one energy.

I was planning on throwing in a couple of float stones (to use on electromagnetic wall ampharos) to allow me to retreat it but then i reallized i dont know any strong "switch-attackers" by that i mean pokemon that have a decent attack which require you to switch you pokemon after attacking. So... thats pretty much what I am on the lookout for.

The ones i got so far are:


Magnezone (tp).


Donphan (ps)

Celebi ex.

None of which are ideal.. Celebi ex is kind of puny and will cost me 2 prizes when knocked out, magnezone is a stage 2 pokemon and gliscors attack isnt great. The ideal attacker would ofcourse be a basic team plasma pokemon with a low cost high power attack.

I'm looking for the nearest thing :)

Also, if there are any pokemon that have abillities/pokepowers similar to the ampharos one please let me know :)

All suggestions are welcome.

I'll post a deck list and my findings when my deck is complete.

Thanks in advance.


I was able to add donphan and ninjask to the possible attacker list :) thanks for the suggestions Murray and extorcion.


Oké, deck is somewhat complete.

I'm not too happy with it. I'll put in my issues later. the list so far:



3x Magnemite

1x Magneton

2x Team Plasma Magnezone

2x Magnezone Prime

4x Mareep

2x Flaaffy

2x Ampharos (electromagnetic wall)

2x Apharos Prime.



1x Computer Search.

2x Level Ball

2x Max potion

2x Catcher

4x Rare candy

2x Super Rod

2x Switch



3x Float stone



2x N

2x Pokemon Collector

4x Proff Oak.

2x Skyla

2x Proff Elm



3x Frozen City



7x Lightning E.

2x Double Coulerless E.


Well thats it for this deck.

Although it is fun to play with it when you get a quick setup, the two stage 2 evolution lines take too long to get on the field.

I went with magnezone because of its abillity, its a team plasma pokemon and it has a decent attack.

Sadly the deck is not quick enough and therefor not able to compete with any of the better decks as of this moment. both magnezones do make for excellent drawing power but to often my opponent has his or her deck fully energized before i have my seccond ampharos up and runing.

I'm sure the trainers need some fine tuning and i might even remove the complete magnezone lines and see how far i can get with some other pokemon only focusing on "punishing" energy use...

To that extend, if anyone knows a pokemon with an ability that damages for energies or putting a pokemon down or something like that, please let me know.

I'll keep you updated (if anyone reads this at all xD) and I'm still looking for more creative deck ideas to test.

that will be all for now :) sincerely The Duke.

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*random comment*

I'm thinking about starting a tournament for original decks...

is there any zest for something like that?

let me know :)

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for your nsecond deck the perfect choice is ninjask with only 2 energies it deals 60 damage and alloes you to switch it with one of your benched pokemons

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