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Can i ask for my friend's account name or some other name???


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Professors i know that asking for personal information is not permitted but i have a question!

Can i ask for one of my friend's [REMOVED] account or something to contact with him??

It's just because he is one of my friends who is organizing tournaments with me so i need to know when he could be online and we can plan the tournament schedule!

So can i ask for his [REMOVED] account or something like that???

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Hi AhmedS786,


The forums are a great way to organize tournaments and can be used to get in touch with and schedule in-game meetings with your friend.


Sharing personal information (including, but not limited to, usernames for other websites, email addresses, instant messaging usernames, social networking profiles, and phone numbers) is not permitted under any circumstances. Furthermore, attempting to bypass the profanity filter is not permitted. If the name of a website or any other word is blocked, it is because we do not allow the discussion of that website or word.


For an explanation of these rules and others, please review the Official Forum Code of Conduct.


I will be closing this thread now. Thanks for playing!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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