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- Adding old cards to the game. Even if many are useless in the metagame, they can still be fun to use and to compete with friends for some old school battles.


- Adding a "number of cards" that you have and that you are willing to trade. Like showing you have 2 Mewtwo EX to trade for exemple. Same for wanted cards.


- Adding a game creation/joining with our own rules. Much like the cards filters. So we can choose extensions, types and even pokemon EX to be out.


- Tokens rewards for PvP.


- New filter for card collection, to show cards you don't have! For collectors :P!


- New filter for card collection, hide cards you cannot trade.


- Be able to add people that ain't online.


- Adding more unlockables theme decks in the shop (tokens preferably).


- In-game gems are way too costly, buying a real booster pack with the exact same in-game bonus is the same price but you get both physical cards with a real booster. Gems to packs shouldn't be more than 50 cents each to even have a chance to sell. Because ebay sells them for less already.

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This pin-points a number of suggestions that have been discussed over the course of the past month, possibly longer.

It is nice to see them condensed into a single thread, though.

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Hi Mikuri417,


The development team has already been made aware of most of these suggestions in the past, but I will be sure to pass along the ones we have not yet recorded!


As a side note, it is much easier for us to keep track of suggestions and keep this forum organized if separate threads are made for each suggestion, with a summary of that suggestion in the title of the thread.


As always, we appreciate your input!

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