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Pokémon TCG NXD-On Modified Format Reprinted Cards List


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hey guys i dont know if this thread belongs here. if it doesnt, Mods feel free to move it. otherwise, keep it here. this thread is about the cards that were reprinted in sets from NXD-On that are still valid in the new Modified Format. hope this helps.


Black & White 1 cards:

Serperior 6/114

Emboar 20/114

Reshiram 26/114

Zekrom 47/114

Reuniclus 57/114

Zoroark 71/114

Poké Ball 97/114

Potion 100/114

Professor Juniper 101/114

Switch 104/114

Reshiram 113/114

Zekrom 114/114

Pikachu Pika Rare(not confirmed yet)


Black & White 2, Emerging Powers cards:

Gothitelle 47/98(not confirmed yet)

Bianca 90/98

Cheren 91/98

Great Ball 93/98

Max Potion 94/98

Pokémon Catcher 95/98


Black & White 3, Noble Victories cards:

Virizion 13/101

Victini 14/101(not comfirmed yet)

Kyurem 34/101(not confirmed yet)

Eelektrik 40/101(not confirmed yet)

Chandelure 60/101

Archeops 67/101

Terrakion 73/101

Landorus 74/101(not confirmed yet)

Hydreigon 79/101

Cobalion 84/101(not confirmed yet)

Cover Fossil 90/101

Eviolite 91/101

N 92/101

Plume Fossil 93/101

Rocky Helmet 94/101

Super Rod 95/101

Virizion 97/101

Victini 98/101(not confirmed yet)

Terrakion 99/101

Cobalion 100/101(not confirmed yet)

N 101/101


the cards that says "not confirmed yet" are from sets that has been released in Japan but not in other countries yet. if those cards will not be released outside of Japan, those cards will be deleted from the list. thanks for reading.

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Energy Retrieval 92/114 BW which just got reprinted in Plasma Blast


Samurott 32/114 BW should be marked as not confirmed

Thundurus 35/98 EPO should be marked as not confirmed

Bouffalant 91/114 BW should be marked as not confirmed

Tornadus 89/98 EPO should be marked as not confirmed

Levanny 3/101 NV should be marked as not confirmed

Seismitoad 24/101 NV should be marked as not confirmed

Druddigon 89/101 NV should be marked as not confirmed

and all of the pre-evolutions to the pokemon that are marked not confirmed (Snivy, Servine, Tepig, Pignite, Sewaddle, Swadloon, Oshawott, Dewott, Tympole, Palpitoad, Gothita, Gothorita, Solosis, Duosion)

-These all came from Japan's Battle Boost set


Even though I don't want Eelektrik to leave the format as much as the next guy, there have been no possibilities of it getting reprinted.


The other suggestion I have is to move the not confirmed cards to a separate section and move them to the confirmed when it is appropriate to do so, right now it seems cluttered and could be confusing for some.

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