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Optimize my Plasmas


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I'm looking to build a good deck that optimizes the use of my Team Plasma Cards.The cards I want it to contain for sure are as follows:

4-Hypnotoxic Laser


4-Plasma Energy

4-Shadow Triad

3-Colress Machine

2-Virbank Gym

2-Frozen City


Other cards I have that would be nice to interpret in the deck,but not necessary:

4-Raticate (Super Fang)




I have others I can use but I can't remember right now what they are.If anybody can help,I'd appreciate it.Thanks for looking and any help you can provide.[/**********/FONT]

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Well snorlax works well with plasma umbreon. With just 2 plasma umbreon and 2 plasma snorlax on the field both snorlax will have 170 hp. also, it helps to have plasma ball to get those snorlax out quickly.

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Just a thought though i dont think you want 4 stadiums. Thats a lot of dead cards once you get one up. Could go 2 of one or ****** even 2-1 based on which is the most important. But 4 stadiums seems like too much.

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