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~Favorite Pokemon B&W/B&W2 Character Poll~


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Hi!!! This is a poll for your favorite pokemon BW and BW2 character!!! Vote below and i will count the votes and see whoes the most popular character! (not counting hilda, hilbert, ect.)


A. Cheren

B. Bianca

C. N <<<< my fav!

D. Ghetsis

E. Colress

*. Alder

G. Iris

H. Any gym leader from BW and BW2 (plz say which one)

I. Hugh

K. Any of the elite four (plz say which one)

L. Anyone else i forgot


please only one vote per person, i will anouce the results (most favorite to least favorite) later this week. thx for viewing!

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I never thought N was a great character in BW2.I love ghetsis as a villain.I vote him and hugh,as their both very determined for their goals.

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