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Pokémon TCGO Unlimited Tournaments


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Pokémon TCGO Unlimited Tournaments

Are u bored of just trading cards on TCGO and making new decks without any use?


If you are, then u guys are going to love to battle in the tournaments we have organised!



I, AhmedS786 along with my partners stupie and PikachuPlus have decided to host unlimited tournaments online.


The tournaments will take place regularly at a random time on Pokémon TCGO!


Anyone can participate in the tournaments!


Players have to sign up just before the tournament starts in the lobby where the tournament is being held.


We will announce the time of the tournament and the place to register in all the lobbies.


There will be 8, 16 or 32 participants (most probably 16).


The prizes will be random and will be declared before the tournament commences.




Rules :


1.Players participating have to use unlimited decks.


2.Player can include any cards in their deck.


3.Substitution Of Decks is allowed (Might change in the future).


4.If a player declines a challenge from his or her opponent after confirming that he or she is ready may be disqualified and his or her opponent may be declared the winner.


5.If a player disconnects and his or her opponent is leading by 2 prize cards, the player who disconnected will be disqualified and his or her opponent will be declared the winner unless the opponent agrees to rematch.


6.The winner of the Finals has to personal message me that he or she won before he or she announces his victory in the lobby.




Hall Of Fame :

Tournament 1 : Rolfeddyboy


Tournament 2 : Darkrai-Ltd


Tournament 3 : KingOfSchubi


Tournament 4 : Grim69dubstep


Tournament 5 : 2ance


Tournament 6 : CuttingEdge007


Tournament 7 : Pokedude475




If you have any questions about the prizes or rules, u may post a reply to the thread and your questions will be answered as soon as possible !


Note: If u want to join our team as organisers, post a reply and add us and pm us online.





Good Luck To Those Who Are Gonna Participate In The Tournaments

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we dnt need to knw anyone's gmt

u hav to sign up before the tourney starts in the lobby whch we will announce as stated in the thread

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U have to sign up before the tournament start in-game

The tournament will take place usually daily at a random time

The tournament will be announced in all the lobbies exactly before it starts

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I'll be waiting for the announcements. I'll join in if I catch you guys. Hope to have better luck this time. Got some surprises up my sleeves. :3

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Thank you very much for organizing this. Sign me in.


I am recommenting to establish a rule which says "Only post in chat if you told to by the orgateam" or sth like that ;)

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Great! ;)

3 prize packs given and all three contained great cards

Magic room gothitelle, victini ex and scramble switch

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Guys i have an important announcement to make!

I won't be having daily tournament till 20th August cause of my exams and other stuff.

I said i won't be having daily tournament, never said that i won't be having tournaments, so u cud get tournaments but don't expect it to be daily till 20th August!

I hope you guys participate in the future tournaments.....


- AhmedS786

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