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Relentless Damage Spread deck(Unlimited)


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hi this time i'm making an Unlimited deck for RL. its about continuous damage spread. here's the decklist.


Pokémon: 13

Duskull x3

Dusclops x1

Dusknoir x3(Sinister Hand)

Dusknoir Level X x3(Ectoplasm)

Kyurem x3(Glaciate)


Energy: 12

Water Energy x8

Plasma Energy x4


Trainers: 35

Level Max x3

Master Ball x1(ACE SPEC)

N x4

Colress Machine x4

Team Plasma Badge x3

Cheren x3

Professor Juniper x2

Heavy Ball x3

Ultra Ball x3

Pokémon Catcher x4

Rare Candy x3

Tropical Beach x2


the idea is to spread as many damage as you can with Kyurem Glaciate and move the damage counters with Dusknoir Sinister Hand. keep doing even more damage with Dusknoir Level X Ectoplasm Poké-Power. any suggestions to improve this deck are allowed. thanks for reading.

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