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Sara64 and Nadia88 Trade Credits


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Here i am going to give credits to the people who ********* trade with me +1 and my sister Nadia88 (+1);)






BIGZ44 +500 points

agentfk0s (+500) points

Swatfirex +3 (+504) points

SharonMurk +1 points

Msterk3y (+1) points

Kiwiibean (+1) points

PikaNL (+1) points

jasonglen87 (+1) points

Magevalchrist +1 points

Myrlla-Oliveira (+1) points

ChaosBeat (+1) points

Gemball (+1) points

Exeggcutie +1 points

Kedzka (+1) points

Giusy75 +1 points

sameight +1 points

corabed (+1) points

SabelNinja18 (+1) points

AbsolHero (+1) points

alphadusknoir +1 points

LordJebusVII (+1) +2 points

dueap1 +1 points

difroi98 (+1) points

sAgA1 +1 points

mogotti3 (+1) points

Spion2435 +1 points

Azurios (+1) points

Deathknigt9008 +2 points

mkiii_power +1 points

Jan96fan (+1) points

robinwalker +1 points

AlexthePikachu (+1) points

Noel360 +1 (+1) points

hagridthe third +1 points

elissasman (+1) points

hoboninja13 (+1) points

Omen18 (+1) points

Shingleback +1 points

Melhighsmith +1 points

Shiloance +1 points

AzuMakii +1 point

HermessitO +1 point

Frozenkitty +2 point


Crazy trade:


Sometimes a crazy trade appeared on the public trade!! crazy trades called crazy because offer only items for extreme big rewards like an extreme rare card or worst for an EX card!! Of course for

the user who is extreme kind and crazy the same time to accept this weird trade i going to give them:


+500 points for an extreme rare or legendary non EX card like charizad and blastoise for example


+1000 points for an EX card!!



I try to update trade credits every Monday!!:P

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You don't need to make a new thread every time you update this - just edit the old one? It's on Page 2 of the Online Trading Zone Forum Section and is still active - so you can use, update and add to that one :)

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