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I honestly was starting to think I'd never get to make this post.


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Hi TCGO Forums! It's been a long time since I've posted here. This is a message to the TCGO Dev team and admins. I've been playing TCGO for 2 years next month I believe. From Browser based disaster to game breaking glitches I've stuck through it all. Let me tell you there were plenty of times I wanted to give up on this game.


HOWEVER, I am very happy to say this, I'm very glad I did stick through it. The game is the best it's ever been! 95% of glitches resolved, no game breakers in recent weeks and the major crippling lag has been more or less completely smoothed out! The game is really solid, and with the recent fixes to trading I can finally say I really would see this as an essentially finished and fully functional game. I know you have more things planned but the PvP which I see as the most important aspect, is really solid.


Getting to the point I want to say, Thank You. Please keep it up! Here's to hoping now that it's gotten so smooth that new sets don't introduce any new crippling flaws.

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