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lost my cards ?


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Hello yall, first of all i dunno if i should report this to the contact support, but anyway.


i always had my account since the debuts of PTCGO, where the game was browser-based.


months ago i had downloaded the game and try to play but there was numerous bugs that prevented me a good experience, so that was why i had deleted the game to maybe wait upon better time to replay, where the bugs wont be there no more.


now everything ive seen seems fine, except the fact i lost pretty much all my cards ! i dont recount all, but i know i had at least hundred of cards. ( i had bought 30x booster codes online and almost used them all ).


furthermore , i guess i also had a few booster packs or booster credits in my account, from now on which i dont have.


i havent played a game yet but i also confirmed i had 1-2 differents coins. dunno if i still have those.


but i was wondering if there is a problem because i lose all my cards... now on i only have 45 cards which is ridiculous.


anyways, im hoping i can get help about this.


thanks !

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Hi Franzh11!


This is definitely a matter for the support team. Please submit a ticket by clicking the link in my signature, signing in, and clicking "Ask a Question". Adding as much detail as possible, including screenshots if you have them, will help the team to perform a thorough investigation.


Good luck, and thanks for your patience!

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