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Trading Tropical Beaches, LF Deoxys EX and Kyurem


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EDIT: Got everything I needed. Still have Tropical Beaches left, but will probably save for Plasma Blast.




I'm trading Tropical Beach and looking for

2x Kyurem PLF

4x Deoxys EX


Ideally, I'd like to trade

2x Tropical Beach



2x Kyurem PLF

3x Deoxys EX (Reg Art)

1x Deoxys EX (Full Art)


At gravybeast prices that's 48 packs worth for the beaches to 44 packs worth for the Plasma cards.


I'd prefer to do the trade all at once like that, but if you are looking for beach and have some of those cards or like a different price, we could work something out. Message here and let me know.

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