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Another HG/SS Release Suggestion


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I already made a suggestion recently in regards to re-releasing HG/SS packs in the shop for tokens (at a much cheaper rate than current Modified packs). Chances are though, such packs would most likely be locked (unless otherwise changed that these old cards wouldn't be).


I understand that you're trying to get rid of Booster Pack Tokens, but maybe there could be a way when entering codes to provide us with Booster Pack Tokens along with the normal pack we receive, and make it so that in the store, the only cards purchasable with those Booster Pack Tokens would be older HG/SS packs? At least this way a player could trade them off without changing the current system much.


I'm simply throwing ideas that I can think of. I would really like it if the older HG/SS cards wouldn't just disappear due to no official way to get those cards (as there currently aren't any). I am also trying to help new players to be able to play this game more effectively (by having cheaper packs available via tokens, even if they are outdated cards that cannot be used in Modified, many of them would still find them useful for playing in the Unlimited Format).

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