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Power Relay Easter Egg alternative


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Could you introduce a new alternative to the Power Relay deck in future expansions? As with each expansion you can enter the name of the expansion into the shop and get the Power Relay deck. I currently have opened 5 Power Relay decks so far, and have a large surplus of certain untradeable cards as a result.


It would be nice to see a new easter egg in this function, even if its not even a deck, but a few pre-set cards or items for the avatar further down the line. This could even be used as a way to reintroduce old cards, by releasing specific decks or cards from HGSS by the easter egg function.


(BTW, what I mean by Easter Egg is the hidden prize you get for typing in the name of an expansion into the code bar in the shop, where you then get a pre-set prize)


Oh, and whilst on the topic of the easter egg, I remember in a previous expansion I received some clothing items for the avatar from this, but even now they don't show up in the collection.

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