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First time building a deck


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First of all, is this "Deck Construction Zone" for the online game or for the in real life card game? As my question regards the in real life card game.


So the thing is that I just found all of my old pokemon cards, as well as bought a bunch at a thrift store. Therefore I have tons of cards from gen 1 - 3, as well as a few gen 4 cards.. I understand that it might be difficult to help me set up a deck from scratch without knowing which cards I have, but I would appreciate if someone could explain what I should have in mind when setting it up. I honestly never played a match, but I´ve learned the rules and hope I can start playing as soon as I got myself a deck. All help is appreciated.

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Deck construction can be both for online and real life. I am not sure about old cards since I only know cards from gen 1 and the current gen 5 cards.


A universal deck ratio that works for any generation I would think is: 20 Pokemon/25 Trainers/15 Energy.

The current Gen 5 Deck ratio would be: 15 pokemon/ 30+ trainers/15- energies


A good deck usually has only up to two different types of energy cards. If you put more types of energy it usually does not work, there are special situations where multiple different energies are needed, but usually its either 1 or 2 different types of basic energy decks.


Another characteristic of a good deck would have a lot of trainer cards and good draw cards. Cards like: Juniper, cheren, N, colress and many others are popular. I suggest you put 12-16 of these supporters, start with 12 and if you think you deck needs more, then put more supporters in it to improve it the speed of your deck and give you more options (more cards in hand = more options).


For trainers (now categorized as item cards in gen 5) are very important in deck building they help your strategy,


Bringing pokemon to your hand, (ultra ball, pokemon communication, level ball)

Moving the placement of your pokemon (switch card)

Moving your opponents pokemon(pokemon catcher, gust of wind, escape rope, warp point)

Bring certain energy to your hand if you have 2 types of energy: (energy search)


About Pokemon in decks: In all decks there usually is a few pokemon attackers(multiple copies of this) and different pokemon that support it (multiple copies). Examples of gen 5 ones:


Energy acceleration - keldeo ex & black kyurem ex (attackers) + Blastoise (deluge: attach as many water energies) (supporter)

Energy acceleration - Rayquaza ex/Zekrom (attackers) + Eelektrik(dynamoter: attach lightning to discard to pokemon)


Energy Movement - Darkrai(Attacker) + Hydreigon(dark trance: move dark energies among your pokemon)

Other energy moving cards - Venusaur from gen 1

Cards that help with energy movement - Pokemon center, Max potion


There are more types of decks then these like: Big basics, Lock, Deck destruction(mill), Donk, and more


Having a deck with a goal of how it sets up and its strategy of defeating the other opponent is important.


If you wish to play real life people go to pokemon.com event finder and find a league location near you. (leagues are where you play real life people, its not competitive like a tournament)


If you need more help let me know by posting it on here.

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