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************'s Durant Mill Deck


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My durant mill deck for unlimited play:


Objective: Deck out Opponent


Durant Deck (60)


Pokemon (7):

x4 Durant (Devour)

x1 Rotom (Mischievous Trick)

x1 Pichu (Playground)

x1 Mew Ex (Versatile)


Trainers (44):


Ace Spec (1):

x1 Computer Search


Item (20):

x1 Alph Lithograph

x2 Town Map

x4 Crushing Hammer

x4 Revive

x4 Pokemon Catcher

x4 Switch

x1 Tool Scrapper


Supporters (18):

x4 N

x4 Professor Oak's New Theory

x4 Twins

x4 Pokemon Collector

x2 Team Rocket's Trckery


Stadium (2):

x2 Battle City


Item Equips (4):

x4 Eviolite


Energy (9)

x4 Special Metal Energy

x2 Prism Energy

x3 Metal Energy


Strategy: Get your x4 Durant out Asap to Devour their deck, you can use Mew Ex instead incase of Fire decks. Use Pichu or Collector to bring out your Durants. Pichu can also stall with Sweet Sleep Face and give them the option to bring out more cards from their deck. Battle City does the same. Team Rocket's Trickery can get rid of some more cards and give you tech. Eviolite + Special Metal Energy, will make your durants more bulky -30 damage -50 damage against psychic pokes. Revive will bring back any durant lost in battle to make sure you will always devour 4 every turn. Crushing hammer to slow down the game so you can discard more. Rotom + Alph + Town Maps to get out any durant you see in the prize pool. Twins can get you any two cards as long as you are losing in prizes, which you will be 100% of the time. PONT and N instead of Juniper because you dont want to deck yourself out and it helps them force draw extra cards if you play it early, but make sure that your field is set before you spam those supporters like crazy you dont want them to set up before you do.


Weaknesses: Fire Decks, Durants and Rotom stuck in prize pool, anything that can set up quick and one shot Durant.


Any Suggestions?

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If your plan is to always have the durants out. isnt it easier and probably better to just have 1 or 2 of the Call for back up durants, 2 Devour ones, maybe possibly 1 pull out one. I dont see the point of them all having devour. You could have more versitility if you had at least 2 of them be able to do something else.

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one pokemon collector or pichu (no energy wasted/free retreat) can get them all out in one turn, it would be a waste of energy and to switch/retreat if you use one of those durants and sometimes your durants can suddenly start dying out of know where and youll have to switch one in that can devour until you revive the others. Call for back up ant will prolly work better in a klinklang/durant deck.

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