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Pokemon Games-Battles, Trading, Global Link


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I am looking for help on my Soulsilver pokemon game I just got a couple of days ago, for Wi-Fi Connection. I am trying to figure out how to trade and battle, even though I am not at a tournament. OR something else I can do for battling.



What is Global Link?

How can I use Global Link?

Do I need to be at a Tournament to Battle with Wi-fi?

What is a Wi-Fi USB Connector?

How can I get to the Closest Tournament in Arkansas, on Saturdays?

What can I do to make the Wi-fi on my 3DS work?

And Etc. More questions connected to these that I can not figure out but hard to put

into words atm, but these are my main important questions


I have not been to a tournament since 3-4 years ago, but I want to start again.

Please answer theses as nicely as you can thanks.

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Global Link uses your handheld's online capabilities to connect to PokéCo's servers. This allows you to trade, battle and interact in other ways with trainers from around the world.


As stated, you have a variety of options when connecting to other players. Primarily, it is used to battle other trainers on the Global Battle Union (GBU) and trade Pokémon on the Global Trade Station (GTS).


You do not need to be at the tournament to battle online. However, tournaments do hold competitions at their location. Also, there are occasional online tournaments you can compete in.


The Wi-Fi USB Connector is a small item resembling a thumb-drive. It is used in place of a wireless router for players with a wire-only connection.


By going to http://www.pokemon.com/us/play-pokemon/ you can select the event locator to search for any events in your area.


Follow instructions for your 3DS to set up your primary connection. This allows your handheld access to the internet. In the game, follow instructions detailed in the game's manual to set up the game's access to the internet.


It should be noted, however, that most support for HGSS is expired. Currently, the focus is on Black 2 & White 2, soon to be replaced with X & Y.

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