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offering pf packs with ex fa's for these last 8 cards needing


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im offering 53 pf packs with a lugia FA valued at 7 packs and a Cobalion valued at 6 pack total 66 for these last


8 cards need to own all cards.




Deoxys reg 9 pack


Deoxys FA 13 packs


Juniper FA 9 packs


SR Ultra Ball 10 packs


SR Max Potion 9 packs


SR Garchomp 5 packs


SR Empoleon 5 pack


SR Garbodor 5 packs


all these cost 65 packs so plz hit me up if you have them all just looking to get them all together Order

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hey I am looking for a couple of cards in this list, and a lot more, and I have quite an amount of packs so If you could pm me in game that would be great! :)

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