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Dragonite/Cherrim Deck


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I just started TCGO yesterday and threw together a deck of the only playset i had and it turned out to be decent.


Pokemon: 13 (8 Basics) A little low but w/e it works.

3-1-3 Dragonite PF

2-2 Cherrim PS

2x Thundurus Ex

1x Deoxys Ex (Will change to Virizion Ex when Plasma Blast releases for status effect immunity)



4x N

4x Juniper

2x Skyla

1x Bianca (only because i got the full art of her)

1x Colress (will probably take out for something better later)


Trainers: 19

4x Catchers (cause i had the promo set from league)

2x Energy Retrieval

2x Rare Candy (All i have)

2x Ultra Ball

2x Colress Machine

1x Switch

1x Energy Search

1x Float Stone

2x Plasma Badges

1x Pokemon Center (only had 1)

1x Scramble Switch (Ace)


Energy: 15 (will change for Virizion Ex)

5 Grass

6 Electric

3 Plasma

1 Prism


Any thoughts on it? Suggestions on what to add or change?

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XD i was thinking the same:) except i dont have x4 dragonite yet, i was debating between altaria's/cherrim,

cherrim* is so good

and altaria is planned for another deck


18 [/b]pokemon, 9 basics

4-2-4 Dragonite PF

3-3 Cherrim PS

1x Virizion Ex

1x Keldeo Ex (really good, efficient with float stones than switches and benefits pokemon center every turn)



4x N

2x Juniper

2x Skyla

3x Caitlin

x1 Iris


Trainers: 18

4x Catchers (cause i had the promo set from league)

1x super rod

2x Rare Candy (4 is important otherwise run more dragonair and skyla's)

4x Heavy Ball/Level Ball/Communicater/Ultra Balls - you need to trial this for best result:)

1x Tool Scrapper

2x Float Stone

1x Pokemon Center (2 is ideal:)

1x Scramble Switch (Ace)- perhaps rock guard/life dew can be effective:) :)


Energy: 12

7x Grass (clearly this is important for cherrims ability, getting this on late will make cherrim useless)

4x DCE



The deck has various routes, poke tools such as Silver Bangles/Mirror and rescue scarf can be handy, you may need to adjust any overlapping trainers if you add any,

its is tempting to go offensive to get the two turn KO,

but getting defensive is the better and surer win against plasma attackers, silver bangle i think it is will completely back hand all kyurem pf/genesect/heatran etc

so run severals i would say, and once you get the lock tool scrapper will be no worries either:)



since cobalion EX is the only DCE remover, manually attaching grass energy is the better option as cherrim can easily cover the 30 damage:)

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I still need electric energy for Dragonite. But i do plan on putting DCE in once i get them.


But i still think thundurus is a good pick for this deck as its weakness is fighting, while Virizion and keldeo can take out some of the fighting types. Plus the ability to knock off energy is pretty good when using a deck that focus on surviving rather than knocking out. Plus idk how i feel about having dragonite being the only attacker in the deck. If i run into a dragon deck i dont think Dragonite will be able to do much since it takes a while to get to 2nd stage with 4 energy. The only dragon decks i would probably see are Dragoncall or the new Haxorus.


I kinda want to throw in an Emolga to help start up since this deck has fewer basics than it should.


I also feel like this deck would really suffer from the lack of any energy acceleration what so ever.

I do need 1 more poke center, a super rod, and i added another float stone.


If anyone is up for helping me add the remain cards i need by trade let me know. I need:

3x DCE

1x Pokemon center

1x Super Rod


Anyway, thx for the suggestions. I will think about it when PB comes out.

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I think Thundurus is kind of pointless in this Deck..


And don't underestimate Dragonite's Deafen. If you can get Dragonite up turn 2 with 3 Energy (DCE+other) and Deafen every turn, your opponent won't be able to use any Items (Ace-Specs, Balls, Float Stones, Colress, Potions, etc.)


And I'd go with Rock Guard and Silver Mirror (From PB.)

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That is an interesting idea. I don't have any DCE online so its kind of impossible to test out. But with Virizion it should work as a solid energy acceleration. Then i probably could run.


4-1-4 Dragonite PF

3-3 Cherrim PF

2x Genosect (Call for Family) PB

1/2x Virizion Ex PB

1x Tropius PB

1x Keldeo Ex (A fire counter and for float stone)


Though i would still like to be able to use Healing Wind or w/e. So probably still toss in a few electric energy.

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