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Plasma Eevee Genesect EX


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This Deck is for after Plasma Blast releases.


Pokemon: 16


  • 4 Eevee PF (Signs of Evolution)
  • 3 Deoxys EX PF
  • 3 Genesect EX PlasmaBlast
  • 2 Flareon PF
  • 2 Leafeon PF
  • 1 Glaceon PF
  • 1 Virizion EX PlasmaBlast


Trainers: 32


  • 4 Skyla
  • 4 Professor Juniper
  • 4 N
  • 4 Pokemon Catcher
  • 3 Team Plasma Ball
  • 3 Ultra Ball
  • 2 Colress
  • 2 Colress Machine
  • 2 Shadow Triad
  • 2 Frozen City
  • 1 Tool Scrapper
  • 1 G Booster PlasmaBlast


Energy: 12


  • 4 GFPD Blend Energy
  • 4 Plasma Energy
  • 4 Grass Energy





Eevee has and always will be my favorite Pokemon, ever since Generation 1 where it was the only Pokemon with multiple Evolution paths and I thought that was so cool. Not to mention he is cute :3


I recently got into the Pokemon TCG, though I have experience with other TCGs in the past, and my main Deck is a Keldeo/Blastoise (I play mostly on PTCGO.) So this is my first foray into making a Deck that isn't already pre-defined, so bear with me and my "noob-ness" :)




The concept of the Deck is similar to a PlasmaBox, but instead it uses Genesect EX [coupled with G Booster] as the main attacker (His ability is also like a free Catcher) and Eeveelutions as tech options. Leafeon and Flareon are meant to be the main non-Genesect EX attackers, Energy Crush/Vengeance being able to do massive damage in certain situations (Leafeon can pretty much OHKO a Keldeo EX, and Flareon counters Genesect/Virizion as it is Fire.)


I'm using Frozen City as the Stadium as I think/hope people may use less Plasma cards with Plasma Blast, but I doubt it. It's mostly to help snipe off certain targets and to counter Tropical Beach/Virbank City Gym.


Glaceon and Virizion EX are also included as tech options. Glaceon is basically a Float Stone that is immune to Tool Scrapper. And Virizion EX is to counter Hypnotoxic Lasers, since most of your Energy are, or can be considered, Grass.


Any input and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, as I am new to the Pokemon TCG and can really use the help..


Thanks. ^.^

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You do not want to just run special energy. I warn you now. Enhanced Hammers and stuff like Coblion Ex will destroy your deck with no trouble, and Virizion cant search for them. Just have mostly grass energy, a few plasma, and maybe 1 or 2 Prisms for Deoxys. Lets face it, you dont really want to attack with Deoxys if you have a choice, since all your plasma will ideally go to Genosect.


Also you definitely want tool scrapper in your deck. If you run into a Garbador with Garbotoxin. You will have a lot of trouble with no abilities.


You probably also dont want to use Colress Machine. Since it would go from your deck to your pokemon. It wont activate Genosects ability. It has to be played from your hand.


As for Stadiums. Try using Pokemon Center. It works well with Glaceon since you have mostly free retreat if not all.

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Genesect's effect is mostly just a bonus, there's 4 Catchers already. But yeah, Deoxys isn't meant to attack. As for Tool Scrapper, I've been meaning to squeeze it in, especially cuz of Float Stones/G Booster.


At first I had 2 Grass Energy in the Deck to allow Virizion to make use of, but I decided it wasn't necessary. Virizion is just there to prevent Poison damage if needed. But I'll take the Enhanced Hammer/Coballion thing into consideration.


(And yeah, Glaceon gives free Retreat, since I'm pretty sure all the Pokemon in this Deck have 2 Retreat Cost.




-4 Prism Energy

-1 Team Plasma Ball

-1 Colress Machine

+4 Grass Energy

+1 Ultra Ball

+1 Tool Scrapper

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