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My LostGar deck...thoughts?


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Hey All,


First off I love Gengar, and I love that there is a whole seperate way of winning besides taking all the Prize Cards (Which is pretty hard with all the EX's going around). So I built my LostGar deck which actually does pretty well on Expert PvP mode. Can I get some reviews to see if I can get any improvement?


Pokemon : 18


Gastly x3

Haunter x3

Gengar x4

Mew x1

Mime Jr x2

Mr. Mime x2

Spiritomb x2

Smeargle x1


Trainers : 16


Dual Ball x1

Energy Search x1

Great Ball x1

Hypnotoxic Laser x2

Level Ball x1

Poke Ball x1

Pokedex x1

Pokemon Catcher x3

Pokemon Communication x2

Rare Candy x2

Ultra Ball x1


Supporter : 10


Cheran x2

Copycat x2

N x2

Professor Oak x1

Seeker x3


Stadium : 3


Lost World x3


Energy : 13


Psychic Energy x13


Thanks for your help!

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I am a fan of Lost Zone-theme decks I must admit... Looking at your decklist I would say you have a quite nice idea there. But from my personal point of view I would advice the following :


- Remover 1 Gengar Prime and 1 Haunter, Add 2 Mew Prime (Mew Prime is a pretty formidable card when you get it in the first hand since it may be used to send as soon as possible Gengar to the Lost Zone then being able to start sending opponent's Pokémon to perish in second turn, also no retreat cost).

- Personally I am not the Hypnotoxic Laser kind of type... So I would replace 2 for some other useful cards, really several can fit the spot very well, personally I would add another Professor Oak for hand refreshing and if you find the spot for 2 energy searcher cards such as Cilan or Interviewer's Questions... I consider that may be very good.


Hope this helps, by myself... I have tried making my Lost Zone deck a little more offensive... You may consider that too for having an alternative for Lost World victory when the opponent's Pokémon are setup properly. I have found Darkrai & Cresselia LEGEND somewhat useful for this... But really expensive in energies, so you might look for others.

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Why 4 Gengar? That makes no sense when you only play 3 Haunter and 3 Gastly. There is no way to get the 4th Gengar into play. Either drop one Gengar or find another Gastly and Haunter. Also, how does Spiritomb play into this deck? It seems weak to me, with only 60 HP and a move that does, at it's very best, 10 damage to each Pokémon. Weezing PS does 20 to each Pokémon no matter what type, and it is Psychic type so it works with your deck. It also has almost twice the HP of Spiritomb. If you're using Spiritomb for it's ability, then I would suggest some Super Scoop Ups in addition to the Seekers. Also, since Gengar is the main point of your deck, it leaves some weaknesses. For example, my best deck only has 4 Pokémon in it, which means that there is no way that you could win against me unless you did damage, but your deck has no heavy damage-dealing Pokémon. Light Pokémon decks are problems for your deck, so I'd include a Mewtwo Ex, a Sigilyph, and 2 DCES. It would make your deck much more solid. Just my opinions. Use them if you like.

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Absolhero: Thank you for your feedback. I do currently have 1 Mew Prime in my deck and 1 Mew EX as well.


Happylittlepigs: Thank you for your feedback.


The reason for 4 Gengar is in case my Mew Prime comes out and I have to send 1 to my lost zone I still have 3 left for my Gastly/Haunter.

Spiritomb is amazing for LostGar Decks, yes his attack sucks but its ability that makes him useful. If my opponent is short on cards in his hand or using Hurl into Darkness/Mr Mime Ability I see he has no Pokemon in his hand, I play Spiritomb to the bench which allows my opponent to draw 6 cards. This often fills his hand with at least 1 or 2 Pokemon which I can throw into the Lost Zone. Also combined with Seeker I can do this the same turn (or next turn) if I need to which puts one of his bench Pokemon into his hand as well.


I agree Damage is a problem for my deck, however if you only have 4 Pokemon I could easily get a few of them to the Lost Zone with Seeker and Spiritomb as well. I could not win with LZ so i'll need to deal some damage obviously but its not the worst match up.


I do agree with your statement regarding MewTwo Ex, Sigilyph, DCE however I do not have these cards but they would be useful.

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I also was a great fan of LostGar for ages and back in the HGSS days it was one of my main used decks - with regard to possible improvements I will endeavour to lend some hopefully helpful opinions - its down to you the direction you take however!


Firstly, the mew idea is an interesting one - If you can add more mew to the deck it plays out the reasoning for having an extra gengar - early pressure on the opponent is key with the deck and if you can get a gengar discarded T1 all the better for it!


In my humble opinion I would consider dropping 1 Haunter in place of another rare candy - if you can avoid going through haunter its one extra turn that you can use discarding your opponents pokemon - on the note of trainers I would also consider possible adding a skyla or 2 - obviously draw support is nice but there will always be times where your just short that 1 trainer you need to take complete control - again just a suggestion - if your comfortable with your draw support and consistency then go for it as it is!


Next, Possible additions to discard pokemon to the lost zone in other ways - to complement mime jr, you could add a second sight slowking or 2. This can not only work to your advantage in terms of manipulating your opponents deck but also you can put upcoming pokemon on the top of the deck and discard them with mime jr for zero energy - baby pokemon are perilously fragile but if you decide its worth a risk then it could work out well!


On to the other additions in the deck - spiritomb serves the deck well but you would do well to only keep it as one. Its only used for its ability and really its main use is late game after your opponents gone through all the trouble of attempting to conserve or discard their pokemon - a well time spiritomb has won me more than a fair share of games!


Other possible additions that you could consider is relicanth - its first attack discards a pokemon card from your hand to the lost zone in exchange you draw 3 cards - a draw engine that could also compliment a mew prime strategy - its another one to consider if you feel you need extra draw support - the only downside to relicanth is a somewhat heavy retreat cost so you may wish to consider a float stone or 2 should you use it - the same is true of slowking second sight for that matter!


Well those are the suggestions I can think of and I hope I have helped in some way - ultimately the direction you take with the deck is your call and I wish you luck with it!

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