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Charizard deck?


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I want to build a charizard deck, but not sure what I should include. I have a charizard, 2 x charmeleon and 4 x charmander.

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Charizard is awesome... Too bad the card of it we have available in Pokémon TCG Online is a little expensive on its attacks... But if you want to build a deck with Charizard I would recommend to pair it with Inferno Fandango Emboar that allows to attach Fire Energies to Charizard not taking into account of course the one that you're allowed to in your turn. I would throw in some cards to search for energies such as Cilan or Interviewer's Question (Depending on what other cards you are using on the deck), you may also get some more Charizard if you want it to be the main of the deck (And Rare Candies of course), Arcanine with Blazing Mane and Volcarona with Scorching Scales may also work if you decide to build some damage with Burn.

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i had a decklist b4 for it,


i thought of celebi ex taking advantage of charmanders potential to set up T1 and when the is a gap of energy when charizard is stuck active.

also charmeleon's second move is quite a move to do with more damage counters if it can be used by charziard whom has more HP.



if you want to focus on charizard then 4-2-4 line is typical for the deck.


also now i would suggest running x3 victini ex as it is a good energy accelerator and is fire type,

and also now lasers have been out, poison ontop of the 150 damage attack can ko any pokemon that have no additioonal effects.

you might ant to run a mewtwo/deoxys ex counter somewhere as its an energy heavy deck.

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Here's what I'd try to do:


4 x Charmander

3 x Charmeleon (Because Rage is actually useful at the end of the game when you have Celebi in play)

4 x Charizard

1 x Celebi EX (ONLY PLAY THIS ON THE FINAL TURN to avoid losing easy prizes)

1-2 x Meloetta


4 x Ultra Ball

3 x Candy (You should only need this Turn 2)

4 x Juniper

1 x Super Rod

3 x Skyla

3 Catcher (These aren't essential as you have Charizard's first attack to finish any Pokemon off)

3-4 x N (Expect to lose Prizes early on)

1 x Scramble Switch


7-8 x Fire Energy

3-4 x DCE

3 x Blend Energy


Strategy: The key to this deck is getting LOTS of energy out FAST - and Charmander's first attack Turn 1 should be all you need... Discard 2-3 Energy Turn 1 using Ultra Ball/Juniper, being sure to save one to let Charmander attack! Use Draw in Turn 1 (aim to get 3 Charmander in play) and pray your opponent doesn't KO you. If you survive, Scramble Switch/Energy Switch out to get a fresh Charmander into play, add DCE and Rare Candy will let you get Charizard out into the field nice and early :)


Top Tip: Mewtwo wrecks Charizard due to it's high energy requirement. Tech in a Meloetta (with Psychic) to deal with Mewtwo and run 3 Blend Energy.


Top Tip 2: Emboar BW is tempting in this deck, but it's far too bulky and easily catchered to slow you down (and make you waste even more space with Float Stone). The key to this deck is speed.


Top Tip 3: You should have room in this deck for Virbank and Lasers. Run them to get those OHKOs on the EXs

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Idk you probably need some tech against water types. Since lets face it. you will fight a keldeo/blastoise deck eventually. Being that squirtle is immune to bench damage. you will have to catcher those out early on or be prepared to lose. Maybe one of the Bouffalant could help. The Gold breaker could help you with Keldeo Ex but it takes 3 energy to attack, or the revenger is also nice. If you have charizard early on you could be hitting keldeo with bench damage early on and possibly get a ko with only 1 DCE.


Though i can only assume that Victini Ex is the best bet for this deck. T1 you can slap it down skyla for the victory piece and then charge your charmander with energy from your deck. After 2 turns and dropping energy manually it should be fully charged, hopefully rare candied. Then you can choose to murder the bench with split bomb or just use the second attack for knockouts. By that time victini should have taken a few hits. you would also probably need fswitches to get him out and then maybe pokemon center or max potion to heal off the damage it took so its harder to snipe throughout the match.


Also if you are going to tech for mewtwo counter. Just bring in Sigilyph, since its a solid counter to most if not all Ex centered decks.

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