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1.11.18 Patch Notes | July 25, 2013


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General: Various fixes to card bugs and game bugs.


General: New pop-ups highlight first-time events to improve new players’ experience.


General: All spaces in a player’s Screen Name have been replaced with a hyphen to eliminate complications with the game’s Chat functionality. Players affected by this change will automatically receive their updated Screen Name upon logging into the game.


Single Player: Scoring now consistently applies the correct difficulty modifier between Trainer Challenge matches.


Trading: Players can once again create and accept trade offers containing more than 6 items.


Shop: 5-card booster packs from the Black & White Series are available in the Shop for 95 Trainer Tokens. These boosters are not tradable and do not contain parallel Holo cards.


Shop: Select theme decks are available in the Shop for 500 Trainer Tokens. These decks are not tradable.

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