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Selling Beach and 30 Packs


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I'm trading and looking for some items! Here they are:


2012 Worlds Tropical Beach - 18-20 Packs

Battle City - 2 Packs

All EX's - 2-4 Packs


Looking For:

Deoxys Ex

Thundurus Ex

Deoxys FA

Zoroark Foul Play

Mewtwo Ex Promo

Darkrai Ex Promo

Mew Ex FA

FA Collection (N, Skyla, Bianca, Cheren, Ghetsis, Colress, Juniper) for around 50 Plasma Freeze

I'm on often!

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Hey man do you have one or two tropical beach? I will pay straight up in packs; say 20 for one and 39 for two? Drop me a message in game once maintenance is over.

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I have Thunderus EX i'll sell for 6 packs, FA Ghetsis for 5 and FA Colress for 6. I also have 2 Zoroark FP, how much for those?

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