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dragon deck


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Hey guys, can anyone tell me a good deck to build using dragon cards and any good strategies? I have some good dragon cards like black/white kyurem EX's, rayquazzas, latios/latias

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Pokemon: 14


4 Tynamo (40hp)

4 Eelektrik

2 Rayquaza

1 Keldeo Ex

1 Mr Mime (plasma freeze)

2 shaymin/emolga


Trainers: 33


4 Juniper

4 N

3 Bianca

2 Skyla

2 Colress

4 Pokemon Catcher

3 Ultra ball

3 level ball

2 super rod

3 float stone

2 Switch

1 sky arrow bridge


Energy: 13


8 Lighning

5 Fire

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You can try to experimenting:


Latias Ex/Altaria/Victini Ex


and after plasma blast release: Haxorus and Dialga Ex seems quite compatible to competitive decks.


Then main plan is to be careful with the different energies demands for different pokemon,

luckily dialga's second move and the more favorite attack needs x4 colorless energy and discards cards from opponents deck for each plasma energy attached. but its exhausting work to set up, just like Tornadus PF i suppose


Edit: does anyone already have a decklist in plan for dialga?

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